OpenStack, the Data Centre Operating System?

OpenStack, OpenStack, OpenStack – here is another thought on OpenStack …

I thought I’d discuss a topic which has been bantered around a little of late, and it is regarding OpenStack as the new operating system for the data centre. Is this the ideal candidate and if so how far away before this becomes a reality? Or will this ship pass in the night…

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Amazon WorkSpaces gains end user control point

This is the next big bet by AWS in my opinion. Assisting to complete the delivery of IT from the Cloud, in true AWS style, AWS today launched another services into their portfolio off the back of re:Invent Las Vegas.

There is no doubt that AWS has had success with EC2 and other AWS offerings and you can count on Amazon Workspace to reliably provide you with a desktop service from the Cloud. However this is only a small piece of the puzzle as to what might they offer up next now that they have the end user control point.

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Project Solum, Orchestration through OpenStack Heat

Although automation and orchestration are not new concepts, the operational approach Cloud provides to IT and Network with delivery ‘as a Service’ has placed a far greater importance on such concepts.

In looking closer at this OpenStack open source community approach to providing a Platform as a Service (PaaS); Project Solum will provide some nice enhancements to Heat, the OpenStack IaaS orchestration project.

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Project Solum Announced – PaaS on OpenStack

Yesterday OpenStack chief code contributors from Rackspace announced project Solum, an open source stream of work involving ‘eBay, Red Hat, Ubuntu/Canonical, Cloudsoft, Cumulogic, dotCloud/Docker and Rackspace’ to provide a community approach to PaaS, akin to OpenStacks approach to IaaS.

The question is, will this challenge commercial PaaS vendor platforms like OpenStack has…

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OpenStack code contribution

Which company contributes most to OpenStack?

DreamHost chipped in most lines of code to OpenStack over past six months, but Red Hat amassed far more commits

Although Rackspace can lay claim to contributing the most lines of code to the OpenStack project since its inception in 2010, DreamHost has emerged as the top code contributor over the past six months, followed by Red Hat. More than 80 percent of the DreamHost-generated code is specifically for Havana, the version of OpenStack slated for release in October.

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Amazon Web Services API and Programmability

Amazon Web Services (AWS) continues to expand their platform with the premise in mind of programmability. Some of the feedback I get is that there is so much navigation through the AWS site for APIs, tools and general assistance that is sometimes is overwhelming. So I have provided some information as a single view below, and will continue to update.

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News: VMware say OpenStack ready for the enterprise

It is clear that the turf war with VMware and OpenStack is hotting up as VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger postures up to defend VMware’s enterprise space from the open source community Cloud platform.

However the point VMware is missing here is that not all Enterprises will be 100% VMware, nor will they want a 100% VMware managed Cloud Platform like VMware vCloud Automation Center.

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News: Insieme Networks, Soni Jiandani at VMworld 2013

SDN is all the hype, as big as Cloud. In fact these are very closely related as we have previously explored in this post.

This year at VMworld 2013 saw Insieme Networks, SVP Soni Jiandnai lay out the roadmap for Insieme and how it stacks up to the competition – of which she stated ‘there are none”.

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News: VMworld 2013 – More Virtualization – Networking with NSX & Storage with VSAN

News Feed: VMworld 2013: Networking and storage take centre stage

Last year in VMworld 2012 we saw announcements from VMware as they moves up the Cloud management stack with acquisitions from DynamicOps & initial integrations with Niciria.

Now is VMworld 2013 we see two key highlights in areas that you knew VMware would press next – networking and storage. So the networking position has continued to evolve with the rebranding of Nicira into NSX and the moves into overlay networking; and closer alignments with parent company EMC in terms of the evolution of the Virtual Storage Appliance (VSA) towards Virtual Storage Area Network (VSAN) capabilities in vSphere.

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Welcome to Cloud News.

With Cloud reaching a saturation point, what is next? Who will converge? What innovation will pop up its head? With so much occurring It is difficult to source and provide a single source of valid information.

So I have started a News Feed bringing together some informative views of latest market and technology developments. With my opinion of course!

NBNCo – Reducing the barrier to entry

With all the hype around the NBN in the news and amongst my peers I thought it was about time I took a detailed look at the planned NBNCo products capabilities, what this means for the service provider, business and residential consumer. I am particularly interested in the effect that the NBN will create on the barrier to entry into the Australian market in the context of Cloud and Network architectures for the challenger service provider.

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NBNCo – Product Development Forum

A quick update, as you know NBNCo will provide a national and open ubiquitous broadband network. As a wholesale consumer you can build capability to support a wide range of use case scenarios from a long list of NBNCo services.

The NBNCo products are pre-configured to allow for support of various network applications & services such as voice and video. What if your product plans are not aligned to the NBNCo’s roadmap? Continue reading

Amazon Web Services Direct Connect

The adoption of Cloud services can be challenging in terms of ensuring seamless integration with your existing network attached devices – which is in fact everything IT. So in looking to address this barrier to adoption Amazon Web Services have nicely bundled another connectivity option that is work a look – Amazon Web Services Direct Connect.

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The benefits of the AWS Partner Network & Channel Reseller Program

The proposition of competing with the Public Cloud giant AWS on price and scale can be daunting if not challenging to execute on. So as they say, “if you cannot beat them, join them”, right? Lucky AWS has a partner network and channel reseller program you can leverage to divert your enterprise customers towards AWS and start making pure profits from your discounted reseller arrangement. So lets discuss how the programs work and how to make money.

Positioning a Software Defined Network in the Cloud

I have discussed what is the Cloud at some length, and I have also previously discussed what is software define storage, however I have yet to discuss the concepts of a software defined network (SDN). So here I will put forward my view on this large and highly opinionated topic, and then relate to Cloud for the delivery of Network As a Service (NaaS).

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Cloud Service Brokerage is the new Enterprise Architecture

A brokerage service removes the complexity and streamlines the ‘many’ into a single offering for consumption. The ‘many’ could be multiple data sources aggregated into a single accessible API, or a combination of service components coupled together to define solution context. So with this said let us discuss why Cloud Service Brokerage (CSB) is set to become the new Enterprise Architecture and consume a large portion of the IT spend in the coming years.

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VMware launches NSX based upon Nicira

Late in 2012 VMware announced it’s acquisition of Nicira and I wrote about that here. Since then VMware has been busy merging that Nicira overlay technology into their software stack, aligned to their SDN strategy of doing what they did with compute; that is abstracting away from the physical device the intelligence to support scale and reduce operational complexity.

So now Nicira is known as VMware NSX for Network Virtualisation – as opposed to ESX for Server Virtualisation…I suspect that the Virsto acquisition will be integration and rebranded as VMware SSX, but I’ll move along.

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