Project Solum Announced – PaaS on OpenStack

Yesterday OpenStack chief code contributors from Rackspace announced project Solum, an open source stream of work involving ‘eBay, Red Hat, Ubuntu/Canonical, Cloudsoft, Cumulogic, dotCloud/Docker and Rackspace’ to provide a community approach to PaaS, akin to OpenStacks approach to IaaS.

The question is, will this challenge commercial PaaS vendor platforms like OpenStack has…

To the high level nuts and bolts, Solum will evolve like OpenStack has through community contributions. It will leverage OpenStack as the IaaS foundation platform, but will provide the higher level of orchestration and integration. Solum will provide a PaaS to service application lifecycle management which includes application on-boarding; but largely targeting developers and their environmental requirements from dev, through to test and then production on OpenStack.

The Solum Control Plan will leverage Heat (OpenStack orchestration) to onboard the resources such as compute (Nova), network (Neutron) with which the Solum PaaS user will programmatically interact with to spin up the environment using a choice of CLI, GIT or REST. There will also be a user interface but it is not yet clear if this will plug into the current Horizon OpenStack user interface. The supported languages available in this first production trunk will be Java, Ruby, Python, Node.js and PHP.








The announcement has come with a high level roadmap of release capability initially targeting application deployment, and then development environment deployment in an initial version 0.1. There are also an initial list of additional robust features such as auto-scale, self-healing, application performance monitoring, language support, IDE plugs and levels of HA.

The apparent downside is the availability of the production platform wont be until 1.0 – no timeframes were provided on this but given the influence of this community it will come fast and we should all watch this space!