Cyber criminals are always watching.

The most important consideration of transformation to the Cloud 

Of late I have been thinking about how there is not much new in the world, most things are simply re-applied into market as a fit for purpose. Yet with this re-hash we are forgetting some fundamental security and architectural principles which leave us open and exposed.

I am a big advocate for Cloud and all the benefits it brings to business in terms of elasticity, scale, right sized costing, pay per use, agility in service creation and also augmentation of services to enable business to focus on the core business.

Call me old school, however most of the time we forget the most fundamental principles around your most valuable asset – protection of your and customer data.

On the Road

Always top of mind, network & security teams are across the continued importance of data protection as it is ‘on the road to the bank’. Any transformational program ensures carriage and virtual network services are fire-walled, encrypted and leverage denial and service exploitation vulnerabilities.

It is also true that most Cloud providers in conjunction with network service providers address these fundamental principles. Typically, they move your workload outside of your perimeter, and leverage additional services to extend your perimeter to a new logical demarcation.  

In the Vault

If they can’t get you on the way to the bank, then they’ll try and get you at the vault. In fact, the attraction to the cybercriminal is tenfold at the vault – all the cash (data) lies there!

So you want to know when you move your data from the protection of your private vault, to a public shared vault that the correct the fundamentals are in place. In fact you should be now applying a hundredfold measure to ensuring your data is not vulnerable – after all one breach can loose customer loyalty and kill your business. 

The Power of 3

How to get started, what should I focus on?

These 3 simple steps will ensure your data is secure as you move to an outsourced Cloud operational model:

  • Encrypt ALL data at rest
  • Do not rely on applications level enforcement of data access
  • Do not rely on a ‘one size fits’ all for access to your data  

Want to know more, please reach out!