The Importance of Innovation

As I sit here on my couch this evening, after a long week, I thought I would post my thoughts on the importance of innovation.

Have you ever heard of the phrase ‘carpe diem’? It’s all focused around the idea of making the most of today (typically with what you have) and not worrying about tomorrow. Whilst I like this mantra, in my opinion the truth is that is it widely misunderstood.

It is like life without goals. Without goals we are merely doing what we have always, and aren’t challenging ourselves to be our best versions – delivering the best results in everything we try.

So what is a goal? It is something new, something that is not meant to be easy; and once you achieve it – it yields great returns be that emotionally, physically or perhaps financially.

So back to ‘carpe diem’ – I’d like to jump onto Wikipedia and edit the definition there to be more aligned to ‘make the most of today, in planning for a better tomorrow’. Why? Because that in itself is way more interesting and will yield even greater returns in whatever your focus is tomorrow. That will enable you to push the boundaries on the status quo, challenge what you are doing today, and deliver much more value tomorrow. 

Now on innovation specifically – innovation is the key to tackling your goals – because innovation is all about trying something new and pushing the boundaries of the status quo. Whether it be in your personal life or business; if you innovate you will yield returns tomorrow, which are way more valuable then what your doing today.

So I urge you to think about this, and focus on the expectations of our customers, isn’t that what they expect? Aren’t they increasingly after more value, more excitement and new ways of working?

So it is clear, making the most of today with what you have, although as good a mantra as it sounds is actually the wrong approach – you need to set innovative goals!