Driving Innovation of SAP with AWS

When is comes to traditional SAP environments, there is no doubt in anyones mind that shifting to a platform to enable innovation where the SAP environment is well engrained within your enterprise fabric, will be challenging to say the least:

  • Complex data feeds to other key systems,
  • Murky at best understandings of the data model supporting the business functions,
  • Bespoke application code written to support the business needs,
  • Convoluted Identity and Access Management configurations,
  • A mix of infrastructure environments supporting the ‘legacy’ deployment
  • The question around ‘why change at all’
  • I’ll stop here …

But the benefits are there – the value can be unlocked, and the answer is not as complicated as a project to move the Empire State building to Miami!

The holy grail can drive additional benefits – believe it or not – quicker then starting with a net new functional replacement program:

  • Increase the ability for business test teams, development groups and the incubation teams to on demand access of a piece of the environment without affecting production,
  • Drive a predictive level of security and resiliency posture by leveraging capability which exists – buy those components and in a module manner plug them in,
  • Lower costs through right size usage and the ability to iron out sunk cost areas before they become a one-way door nightmare,
  • Add intelligence into your platform – real data based intelligence to drive new insights from the data you have, but do not know about,
  • Leverage the automated learning approaches to ensure you are rapidly providing new insights into the business from the new data sources you have tapped into,
  • Access 1,000s of new capabilities you are not even aware of today, to drive service creation agility and platform innovation. No more will the SAP platform be the legacy system or record, but will expand into the system driving market differentiation,
  • And so much more!!!

Below I have included links to the Accenture AWS Business Group Whitepaper and eBook on the SAP to AWS topic. It contains a wealth of knowledge on getting started, contacts, tools used to migrate and manage the SAP on AWS stack; and better still and are a further quick 5 minute read.

If you do have any questions please feel free to reach out for a chat.



Learn more about SAP in AWS here: https://aws.amazon.com/sap/saponaws